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Enjoy JIUSKO watch at Shenzhen Watch Exhibition

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     On June 20-23, the 30th China (Shenzhen) international clock exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 450 watch enterprises show the most fashionable and attractive watch in 2019.

 Dream for 20 years

      2019 is a significant year for Guangzhou Yonghong watch industry technology development Co., Ltd. and the 20th anniversary of its establishment. Along the way, Guangzhou Yonghong watch industry has never forgotten its original intention and forge ahead. Adhering to the concept of "professional, dedicated, honest and win-win", it has successively established four major watch brands, namely "EYKI", "KIMIO", "JIUSKO" and "PANMILA". In this exhibition, we will take your favorite works to experience this time trip.

EYKI's 20th anniversary photography wall is made of green leaves and roses, which means that we are as energetic as green leaves.

 Charming exhibition hall is simple and fashionable

      In this watch exhibition, Guangzhou Yonghong fashion exhibition hall is constructed with black and white lines. The fashion disc and smooth square frame complement each other. Decorated with champagne roses, the whole venue is full of youth and romance. You can enjoy the simple fashion charm and watch time.

    Semi closed exhibition hall design, let people linger. In the exhibition hall, a large number of colors and hand model culture, exquisite windows, dazzling lights... Bring a visual feast to the watchers. In order to improve the experience of customers' viewing, we have prepared all kinds of sweets and refreshments for our customers, and we can have a good mood at the same time.

New products come

      Mr. Ron good, an honorary member of the collection and Research Committee of China Watch Association from Canada, highly praised the creative exhibition hall and the eye-catching new JIUSKO watch. Since 2014, Mr. Ron good has been at the exhibition site for five consecutive years to guide and communicate with us, and he fully recognizes the design concept of "natural income" of JIUSKO watch.

Mr. Ron good, a famous watch connoisseur in Canada

Lin Dong and Mr. Ron good

        In 2019, Guangzhou Yonghong watch industry upgraded and positioned the product series of the four brands, and demonstrated JIUSKO watch's "natural income", EYKI's "simple fashion", KIMIO's "changeable beauty" and PANMILA's "youth personality", providing simple and elegant fashion watch for modern urbanites.


     Jiusko's latest "Heart-Words Series" series, combined with the theme of sun, moon and stars, originates from nature. The wristwatch decorated with flowers & Rhinestones will shine the whole field, see through the dial with hollow movement, feel the charm of mechanical aesthetics and encounter brilliant time.


      With the element of "fashion street style", EYKI leap series fully demonstrates the fashionable style of young people who follow their sexuality and play on the street.


      KIMIO's new products integrate elements such as flowers, pearls and shells, water diamonds, etc. to create a dreamlike girl's wind color.


      PANMILA's  watch is committed to providing the young people who pursue fast fashion and like to follow the trend with personalized, innovative and cost-effective fashion watches.

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Shenzhen International clock exhibition 2019

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